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The new number for CA is 47 tCO2e (tons of carbon dioxide equivalent) per , with 2.7 persons, or ~17 tCO2/person. Indirect emissions are a little higher than the CA per capita emissions from production primarily since California imports goods from other states that are produced with more fossil fuel intensive production (all goods are ...

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This is a conversion chart for U.S. gallon per hour (U.S. and British Imperial). To switch the unit simply find the one you want on the page and click it. You can also go to the universal conversion page. 2: Enter the value you want to convert (U.S. gallon per hour). Then click the Convert Me button.

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Motor Sizing. Proper sizing and selection of a motor for your equipment is key to ensuring performance, reliability and cost of the equipment. In addition to the information below for properly sizing a motor, Oriental Motor offers online motor sizing tools as well as assistance from our Technical Support staff.

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The general cost-effectiveness limit is currently set at $30,000 per weighted ton of emission reductions. For advanced technology projects that are zero-emission, or alternatively meet the cleanest certified optional standard applicable by source category, air districts can apply a cost-effectiveness limit of up to $100,000 per weighted ton.

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Energy cost calculation Energy consumption calculation. The energy E in kilowatt-hours (kWh) per day is equal to the power P in watts (W) times number of usage hours per day t …

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Metric ton (t) = tonne = 1000 kilograms (= 2204.6 lb) Imperial or long ton (lt) = 1016.05 kilograms (= 2240 lb) Short (US) ton (st) = 907.19 kilograms (= 2000 lb) Conversions: From long tonto metric tonmultiply by 1.016 From short tonto metric tonmultiply by 0.9072 Mt million tonnes Mtce million tonnes of coal equivalent (= 0.697 Mtoe)

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If you're in the US, divide 2295 by 2000 (there are 2000lb in a US ton). If you're in the UK, divide by 2200 (there are 2204.62 lb in a metric tonne) You now have your answer in tons per cubic yard (1.15 US tons or 1.04 metric tonnes) If you have any problems using this cubic yards to …

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The profit at the budgeted price ($1.80 per bushel) and yield (150 bushels per acre) is at center of the table and is -$21.44. This is the same value as shown on the bottom line in Figure 4. If the price was $1.98 per bushel and the yield the same, the profit would be $5.56 per acre.

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Sep 25, 2021· Start by adding between 5 and 12 tons of CO2 emissions depending on the size of your car. If you have a hybrid or electric vehicle, add 2 tons of CO2 emissions. If you have a compact or economy-sized car, then add 5 tons of CO2 emissions. If you have a medium-sized car, such as a sedan, then add 9 tons of CO2 emissions.

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A ton, also referred to as a short ton, is a unit of weight equal to 2,000 pounds. It is commonly used in the United States. Most other countries use the metric ton, or "tonne". A pound is a unit of weight commonly used in the United States and the British commonwealths. A pound is defined as exactly 0.45359237 kilograms.

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Oct 03, 2021· By Greg Hunter's (Saturday Evening Post) Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who has many well-documented correct forecasts. He predicted that Bitcoin would rise to $64,000 (it did) when it was less than $10 per unit. High uses something he calls "Predictive Linguistics" and computer programs to sort through billions of bits […]

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Coal adb to gar calculation.Formula to calculate gcv arb of coal - fessmbbe.Arb as in coal egordego eu how to calculate arb on the base of adb eduorg difference between gcv adb arb formula to calculate gcv and gar 2011 which one is the best basis to use for coal chat now convert adb to arb coal formula binq mining.Steam coal conversion.

How Do You Calculate Rate Per 1,000?

Apr 08, 2020· Alex Graves/CC-BY-SA 2.0. To calculate rate per 1,000, place the ratio you know on one side of an equation, and place x/1,000 on the other side of the equation. Then, use algebra to solve for "x." For example, if you know there are 27 murders for every 100,000 people who live in a certain city, start with the equation 27/100,000=x/1,000.

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USD/ton, data updated daily. Daily figure is based on last five (5) days rolling average.

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they burn much less fuel per year.This makes the hurdle for achieving cost -effective fuel saving technologies much higher. Vocational/MD trucks also tend to operate on lower speed, more transient drive cycles. This reduces the potential benefits of both Cd and Crr improvements. Many vocational/MD trucks have custom bodies fitted, which are ...

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Arbitrage Calculator. Use our Arbitrage Calculator to work out how to guarantee profit in a two-way or three-way market. Enter the Odds and Stake of your original bet and the Odds for the alternative outcome. Our Arbitrage Calculator will tell you if there is an Arbitrage opportunity. Low margins.

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coal calculator machine to convert gcv arb gcv adb. Calculation Of Gcv In Arb. Calculation Of Adb To Arb Of Coal – Grinding Mill China coal gcv adb to arb conversion formula – Grinding Mill China ADB to GAR GCV (ARB) = GCV as per is calculation of adb and arb in coal analysis Learn More coal calculator machine to convert gcv arb gcv adb YouTube 15 Jan 214 coal calculator machine to convert ...

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This sports arbitrage betting calculator is one of the most comprehensive, detailed arb calculators available. It allows you to do the following: Select from 2 to 5 legs for a particular arb. Determine whether an arbitrage opportunity exists and what the profit margin is. Automatically calculate stakes for all bets.

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Oct 15, 2009· Coal trader's web sites give base prices in the international market. We take a coal price of around 65 $ / Ton. The cost of coal consumed by 100 MW power plant is (53.8 x 65) 3497 $ /hr. A 100 MW unit produces 100,000 units of electricity. So the cost of coal per unit of electricity is (3497/100,000) 3.5 cents per unit. Measurement Conversion Tool

$1 Price Per Hundred Weight (cwt) : $.01 Price Per Pound : $1 Price Per Hundred Weight (cwt) : $20 Price Per Short Ton : $1 Price Per Hundred Weight (cwt) : $22.04 ...

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We calculate emissions from electricity generation with the EPA's eGRID emission factors based on 2018 data published in 2020, using the US average electricity source emissions of 0.947 lbs CO2e per kWh (0.429 kgs CO2e per kWh).

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Oct 03, 2021· Tonnage: In reference to air conditioning, a ton measures how much heat removed by the system would be needed to melt 2,000 pounds, or one ton, of ice in a 24-hour period. The result is then expressed in BTUs per hour. According to the standard calculation, it takes 288,000 BTUs to melt a ton of ice in 24 hours, or 12,000 BTUs per hour.


Dec 05, 2018· Indonesia has capped the price of thermal coal for domestic power stations at $70 per ton (basis 6322 GAR Coal) if HBA is equal to or higher than US$ 70 per ton until December 2019 since 12 March 2018, in new rule was issued on 9 March 2018 (MEMR Ministerial decree 1395K/30/MEM/2018) and 1410 K/30/MEM/2018 dated 12 March 2018.

Calculating Carbon Emissions

million kilowatt-hours of electricity — which translates into 19,200 metric tons of CO 2e per year. Each city would emit about 28 to 40 fewer metric tons of CO 2e per year through this type of lighting retrofit activity in a 30,000-square foot municipal building, saving $13,750 annually.

Methodology to Calculate Particulate Matter (PM) 2

Methodology to Calculate PM 2.5. The current methodology for calculating PM10 from fugitive dust sources (grading, demolition, unpaved roads, open storage piles, etc.) will continue to be used to calculate PM10 and can also be used to calculate PM2.5. PM emissions typically contain specific fractions of PM10 and PM2.5 that can be measured.

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The general range for a cubic yard of plain pea gravel is about $30 to $35, and a ton will cost about $40 to $45. For a colored variation, expect to add an extra $20 to $50 to those prices. If you buy in bulk, or 10 or more tons at a time, you may be able to get the price down to as low as $15 to $20 per ton.

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Aug 10, 2021· In this situation, you can see that most of the time, you will be losing $5.90 per hit, but every now and then, you will win $294.08! You need to achieve the middle in at least 1 in every 50 games for it to be profitable.

California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard

roughly $100 per metric ton reduction ($100/MT) over the 2015 to 2025 timeframe. This case is consistent with the estimate currently included in ARB's assessment under its regulatory analysis, provided as part of its 2014 staff report. • The Low Case assumes a LCFS Credit Value below $50/MT. This case is consistent

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Please enter the measurements below and press "Calculate" to receive the approximate tons of 4" ledge or chopped stone needed for edging the specified area. Length (in Feet) Calculate. Tons Needed. 6" CHOPPED STONE WILL COVER 70-75 LINEAR FEET PER TON. 8" CHOPPED STONE WILL COVER 45-50 LINEAR FEET PER TON.


Ea = Ua x EF (lbs/ton blast material used) Eh = Uh x EF (lbs/ton blast material used) NOTES: - Control devices, methods, and efficiencies must be identified in the database to correctly calculate emissions. Emission factors are "uncontrolled" (before the control device).

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Energy consumption calculator. kWh calculator. Energy consumption calculation. The energy E in kilowatt-hours (kWh) per day is equal to the power P in watts (W) times number of usage hours per day t divided by 1000 watts per kilowatt:

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Calculate Fill Dirt. Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Soil & Dirt in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of Fill Dirt: 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t. A:

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Air conditioner power consumption calculator is used to calculate the bill cost for any AC. Enter the ton/BTU of AC, daily operating hours and cost per unit. Daily, monthly, and yearly cost will be calculated.

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Free online asphalt calculator to help you estimate how much asphalt you need for your construction project - road, private driveway, car park, etc. Output in weight and volume: tons, tonnes, cubic yards, cubic meters, etc. Basic information about asphalt (tarmac) and tips on calculating how much you need. Online tarmac calculator.

What Is The Difference Between Gcv On Arb And Adb Basis

Oct 24, 2020· To Convert Gar To Gcv In Coal . Coal Adb To Gar Calculation Formula to calculate gcv arb of coal - fessmbberb as in coal egordego eu how to calculate arb on the base of adb eduorg difference between gcv adb arb formula to calculate gcv and gar 2011 which one is the best basis to use for coal chat now convert adb to arb coal formula. More


In order to calculate the tons of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) reduced per year, an average annual mileage for the school buses was assumed as well as factors to convert brake-horsepower hours to miles traveled and to account for the reduction in NOx and PM emissions due to the use of ARB diesel as compared to EPA diesel ...

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The average global carbon footprint is today approximately 5 ton carbon dioxide equivalents per year. But in the Western world the average carbon emissions per capita is twice as large. In order to limit global warming to max 2 degree Celsius, we need to reduce our carbon footprints to below 2 ton carbon dioxide equivalents per year.

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Coverage Calculator | Southwest Boulder & Stone. COVERAGE CALCULATOR. Use our coverage calculator to determine how much landscaping material will you need for your landscape project. Calculator. Select the material, desired size, and the area you need to cover to find out how much of that material you'll need. Material Type.

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Jul 05, 2021· Cost per unit information is needed in order to set prices high enough to generate a profit. The cost per unit is derived from the variable costs and fixed costs incurred by a production process, divided by the number of units produced. Variable costs, such as direct materials, vary roughly in proportion to the number of units produced, though this cost should decline somewhat as unit volumes ...